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Withdrawal from the College

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Learners who wish to withdraw from the College should first contact their assigned Learner Success Strategist and then initiate the withdrawal process by contacting Registration Management. Learners must  submit a withdrawal form and complete the Learner Funding exit interview as part of the withdrawal process. Learners also must pay any outstanding balances owed to the College.

Learners who have been withdrawn from the College and wish to resume studies must undergo the re-entry process. Learners may initiate this process by contacting If a learner is readmitted, all current enrollment terms, including tuition charges and current Catalog policies, will apply.

Learners may refer to the Learner Funding: Refund for Withdrawal section for further information.

Withdrawal – Last Day of Attendance (LDA)

Official Withdrawals
The learner’s last day of attendance is determined by the Last Day of Attendance (LDA) specified in the Official Withdrawal Notification.

Unofficial Withdrawals
The learner’s last day of attendance is determined by the last day the learner participated in any academic activity, including any online learning, projects, experiential learning, or examinations. Learners who do not participate in any academic activity for twelve (12) consecutive calendar days, excluding the College’s official breaks and holidays, will be automatically withdrawn.

Withdrawal – Date of Determination (DoD)

The College determines the date on which the learner withdrew officially or unofficially in the following manner:

Official Withdrawals
The Date of Determination (DoD) date for learners who complete the formal withdrawal process is the date on which the learner notified the College in writing to indicate intention to withdraw or to indicate the last day of attendance, whichever is later.

Unofficial Withdrawals
If a learner stops attending the College without providing official notification, the DoD will be assigned by the College but will not be later than twelve (12) calendar days after the LDA.

Re-Entry Learners
If a learner withdraws from Nightingale College, they may consult a re-entry advisor to appeal for re-entry into the academic program.  If one (1) year has passed since their last date of attendance, the learner will be required to pay a new application fee, retake the entrance exam, and retake any applicable placement exams.  All re-entry learners are subject to the most current re-entry and Catalog policies, including those that apply to testing, transfer of credit, etc. Withdrawn learners with a balance owed to Nightingale College must be cleared by the Bursar before re-entry may be approved.  Final approval for re-entry into the academic program is at the discretion of the Re-entry Committee.  

Short-Term Re-Entry (STRE)
Short-term re-entry (STRE) creates a pathway for eligible withdrawn learners to return to the College within 180 days from the last recorded date of attendance (LDA) through an accelerated and simplified process.  

A learner will be eligible for STRE if the following criteria are met: the learner has voluntarily withdrawn from the College, the learner has not exceeded two total enrollments within the same program (see Readmisssion of Servicemembers section for policies for returning military learners), the learner has not failed any course on the third attempt, the learner is not transferring in any additional credits at the time of re-entry, no more than 180 days elapses between the learner’s LDA and resuming active participation in courses, and the learner has met all deadlines set by Registration Management.

For learners returning under th STRE pathway, the College will honor all previously submitted admission documents, transfer credits, and testing from the original start application. Approval for STRE is at the discretion of Registration Management.

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