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Experiential Learning Policies

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Prelicensure Nursing Programs Administration, Faculty, and Staff

The College employs faculty, who facilitate learning via various distance and on-ground education delivery methodologies, and staff, who provide learner support.

See the Officers, Management, Faculty, and Staff  section of the College website for comprehensive lists of administration, faculty, and staff.

Acceptance Notification and Matriculation Requirements

The Registrar or designee evaluates all complete applications and offers written acceptance to qualified applicants. Learners are considered conditionally accepted and/or enrolled until all matriculation requirements are met.

Upon receiving the letter of acceptance, the applicant must complete the following matriculation requirements within the deadlines set by Admissions. Instructions for completing these requirements will be included in the acceptance letter:

  1. If they are requesting transfer of credit, applicants must submit official college and/or military transcripts for the previous coursework to: The Registrar, Nightingale College, 95 South State Street, Suite 400, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. Any non-U.S. documents must be translated into English (if applicable) and evaluated by a certified academic credentials evaluation service. For additional information, see the Registrar.
  2. Complete the Learner Funding process and submit all required documentation.
  3. Sign the College Enrollment Agreement (prior to enrollment).

To matriculate into any academic program, all new learners must complete the mandatory two (2) week College Readiness Orientation Seminar (CROS). Failure to complete the CROS will result in the rescindment of the academic program acceptance and enrollment. The scheduled dates for the mandatory College Readiness Online Seminar are published in the Academic Calendar section of the College Catalog.

To matriculate into the prelicensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program, all advanced placement LPN/LVN learners as well as learners requesting transfer of pharmacology academic credit must successfully complete Nightingale College’s Medical Dosage Calculation (MDC) self-paced, non-facilitated online course, and score 100% on all MDC quizzes by the deadline set by Admissions as part of the enrollment process. Learners are limited to three (3) attempts to pass each of the quizzes. The MDC course is available to all Advanced Placement prospective learners by requesting access from the Admissions Advisor. Learners who fail to pass all MDC course quizzes must enroll in the corresponding pharmacology course, and their enrollment into lower-division nursing core courses with experiential learning components will be postponed until successful completion of the pharmacology course.

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