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EL-VCBC Absences During the Semester

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Learners are allowed a total of two (2) VCBC absences per course that has a VCBC component. Learners with three (3) or more EL-VCBCs absences during the semester will be withdrawn from the course and reenrolled the following semester if space is available in the course. Learners who only are enrolled in one course for a particular semester and are withdrawn for EL absences may be eligible for Short-Term Re-Entry.  Learners may contact Registration Management for assistance.  Formal approval is required to exercise this option.

Learners who miss a VCBC must complete a VCBC make-up for each absence to pass the course. Learners who complete the required make-up sessions do not reduce their total number of VCBC absences recorded for the course.  Even when two VCBC absences have been made up, a third absence results in being withdrawn from the course.  If the third absence is caused by an emergency or catastrophic event, learners can file an Exception Request. 

Learners will receive a schedule for their make-up VCBC sessions from their VCBC faculty and will be responsible for completing the make-up session that they are scheduled for prior to the end of the semester. The missed VCBC must be made up by the end of the current semester; otherwise, the learner cannot progress to the next VCBC course.  However, in rare circumstances when rescheduling VCBCs prior to the end of an academic semester is not feasible, learners may receive an ‘IR’ (Incomplete Remediation) in the course and may fulfill the remainder of the VCBCs by the end of the add/drop period of the following semester without disruption of progression in the academic program. 

Please note: Make-up EL-VCBCs are not guaranteed and could delay progress in the academic program or graduation

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