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Nightingale College
Partnership Program

Experiential Learning (EL) Partnership Program

Nightingale College’s EL Partnership Program partners with like-minded, forward-thinking health care facilities to alleviate the nursing shortages in their own community. Experiential Learning Partners are known for their unwavering dedication to their community’s health care, ensuring that all residents receive quality patient care and safety – at all times. As nurses become the forefront of health care and the agents driving positive health outcomes, communities suffering from a nursing shortage are harmed by the lack of qualified RNs to staff units.

Becoming an Experiential Learning Partner signifies your commitment to improving your community’s health care for years to come while offering an additional educational avenue for residents to get their college degrees in nursing.

Nightingale College’s Experiential Learning (EL) Partnership Program is essential to delivering the College’s nursing degree programs. The foundation of the nursing programs requires partnerships with local health care facilities to deliver supervised on-ground field experiences (SOFEs). This component, blended with 100% online classroom instruction, creates the College’s innovative blended-distance delivery modality.

The College focuses on providing nursing degree programs to communities in need that experience either:

  • a lack of nurse graduates to fill open RN positions;
  • limited access to local nursing programs, or;
  • no access to a local nursing degree program, requiring facilities to implement short-term workarounds (sign-on bonuses, travel or agency nurses, etc.) to fill the nursing need.

 EL Partners help ensure communities have access to a nursing degree program that can serve a group as small as five learners and as large as is needed to address the local nursing shortage.

Nightingale College’s innovative learning model combines the essential components of online instruction with experiential learning components. Together, these components form the College’s hybrid-distance pre-licensure nursing degree programs (bachelor’s degree programs – BSN). The College also offers fully online post-licensure MSN Ed and MSN FNP Programs for licensed RNs ready to advance their nursing knowledge and skills.

*Nightingale College only provides its pre-licensure and post-licensure programs in states where the College is permitted to enroll learners.

Tuition Reduction/Staff Retention Program

When EL Partners refer their employees to Nightingale’s pre-licensure programs, those employees receive a 5% tuition reduction for the duration of the Program, as long as they stay employed with the partner. This benefits the learner by reducing tuition costs, but it also benefits the EL Partner by providing an incentive to help retain employees, especially with high-turnover positions such as CNAs and Patient Care Technicians.

Note: In order for EL Partner employees to receive the 5% reduction, employees must be referred to Nightingale by their employer.


The Nightingale Network

Nightingale College established the Nightingale Network to bring together not only EL Partners but other health care and non-health care facilities and organizations that are aligned with the goals and outcomes of the Network.

Collectively, the Nightingale Network forms the driving force of forward-thinking leaders throughout many communities nationwide, challenging the current norms of nursing education to improve the system for years to come.

The Nightingale Network is carefully designed to provide network members with a forum to discuss issues of importance, relying on the expertise and skills of other network members.

Nightingale Network Login

Nightingale Solutions

Nightingale Solutions is solely dedicated to creating greater access to relevantly skilled and readily available nurses. The nursing profession has become increasingly complex in recent years, and the traditional nurse training model no longer meets the needs of today’s healthcare employers. Nightingale Solutions offers various cutting-edge paths to help your employees become skilled nurses ready for today’s complex patient needs, including virtual reality trainings (VR) for skills acquisition, department transition, mental health education, and nursing wellness.

We will work together with you to create custom solutions designed to meet your unique needs for the skills and education of your nursing workforce, both newly hired graduates and long-time loyal employees.

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Richard Anderson

Administrator, Pioneer Care Center

“Pioneer Care Center is excited for the opportunity to partner with Nightingale College to be the host site for the clinical practice for both new nurses and experienced LPNs and RNs looking to advance their career. As our population continues to age, the health care profession will continue to need clinically astute nurses that have the knowledge, experience, and compassion to care for those in need.

Pioneer Care Center has proudly served the Brigham City area for over 50 years and is happy for the opportunity to provide additional nursing education and training in our local community.”

Whitney Hunter

Talent Recruitment, Resource Pennant Health Care Group (a division of Ensign Group)

"First of all, in eastern Idaho there is a huge distribution problem in the state for nursing staff so having [Nightingale College] come in and recruit locally and teach locally will provide nursing staff in the communities that greatly need it, specifically in eastern Idaho.

Secondly, the program provides a pathway for our current staff to go on and get licensed. So, our CNAS, it provides a pathway for our CNAs to get licensed and to retain them longer and develop career pathways for them, for our company. I think the module for the critical access areas is amazing. Not only critical access but areas where the nursing supply is short or where we are losing nurses.

We are very challenged in our industry and the skilled nursing post-acute care setting to retain nurses because we can’t compete wage wise with the hospitals and big health systems. I think the module is applicable not only to the critical access areas where there are nursing shortages, but where our facilities are competing with these big health systems where we can’t compete with the compensation. So, it is value added so if we have that teaching component in there and can offer our current nursing assistant staff a career pathway with us and you are in there teaching it right in the building and they can matriculate from an LPN program to an RN program to potentially a BSN program that is just beautiful."

Lindsay Christensen

Director of Nursing, Maple Springs of North Logan

"Maple Springs of North Logan is thrilled to be partnering with the learners of Nightingale College for their long-term care clinical experiences. We feel that both our residents and our staff will enjoy the compassion and selfless service that the learners will bring to our community.

There continues to be a nursing shortage here in Cache Valley, and Nightingale College will help to fill this gap by admitting cohorts three times a year."

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