ADN Program

The Associate Degree Nursing Program is accredited by the ACEN, and prepares learners to become a nurse in as few as 20 months.

RN to BSN Program

adn vs bsn differences

The RN-to-BSN Program is accredited by CCNE, and helps RNs prepare for their future in the workplace in as few as 12 months.

BDN Program

Our 32-month Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing program is accredited by CCNE. Enroll in the BDN Program to earn a BSN degree and begin your career as a nurse.

Overall NCLEX-RN®Pass Rate

80.62 %

updated 7/24/18

ADN Program

85 %

ADN program retention rate

RN to BSN Program

100 %

Placement Rate

Latest Announcements

ADN vs BSN in Patient Care and Safety Situations: Do Nurses’ Education Improve Patient Outcomes?

Today, the majority of the interprofessional medical team, from social workers and pharmacists to physical therapists, already have a minimum bachelor education. So having more and more BSN-prepared nurses is only a natural progression within…
BSN nurses

Will a BSN Degree be Mandatory for RNs? Find out All the Nurses Qualifications, Laws & Requirements by State

The differences between RNs with an ASN degree and RNs with a BSN degree have been the subject of an ongoing debate that has lasted for years.  Putting aside the extra cost and time it takes to finish a bachelor's program, with the clear benefits…
Nurse job demand

How Stable is a Nursing Career: Nursing Jobs Demand

Choosing a career in nursing is not an easy decision. No big career decision in life comes without a bit of research about the opportunities that a certain job might provide. Globally, 75% of people put job security above all else when choosing…

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