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Operations Support Center (OSC)
The College Operations Support Center (OSC) is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The OSC serves as the base for virtual campus operations from which all education and support services are delivered. The space includes:

  • five (5) private offices;
  • three (3) private workstations;
  • ten (10) workstations;
  • one (1) conference room;
  • one (1) broadcast room;
  • staff kitchen and breakroom;
  • two (2) restrooms;
  • reception area.

Supervised On-Ground Field Experience (SOFE) Sites
Supervised On-Ground Field Experience (SOFE) Sites are healthcare partner facilities utilized for direct focused client care and integrative practicum (IP) experiential learning, required components of prelicensure nursing programs. SOFEs also include graduate program preceptorship experiential learning.

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