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Unit of Credit

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The College offers sixteen (16)-week academic semesters, consisting of fifteen (15) academic weeks of instruction and one (1) week of final evaluations.

One (1) semester credit is equal to:

  • one (1) contact hour of didactic learning per week, or
  • two (2) contact hours of intervention skill-based experiential learning, including online preparation, per week, or
  • three (3) contact hours of direct focused client care (DFC) or case-based or integrative practicum experiential learning, including online preparation, per week.


A contact hour is defined as a minimum of fifty (50) minutes of supervised or directed instruction or engagement with educational content in any sixty (60)-minute period. Learners must complete all directed preparatory and remedial learning to earn the academic credit in the course, as described in the Attendance Policy. For each enrolled semester credit, learners should spend a minimum of three (3) additional hours per week engaged in course work. Specific course work requirements are listed in each course syllabus.

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