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Learner Personal Contact and Demographic Information

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Learners are responsible for notifying the Registrar’s Office of any changes in their personal contact and/or demographic information, including but not limited to: name, gender, permanent residency address, physical address, telephone number(s), and email address, by requesting, completing, and submitting the official Change in Information Form or updating their personal information through the Learner Portal in the College’s data management system within ten (10) business days from the effective date of the change.

Learners who are or will be actively enrolled in a course with an Experiential Learning component must update their physical address within the scheduling portal no later than 21 calendar days prior to the official start of the next semester. 

Please note:  Learners with a previously designated SOFE as of Spring Semester 2022 who relocate to a region outside of their previously designated SOFE will no longer be eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses under the Experiential Learning Schedules policy.  

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