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Course Requisites, Prerequisites and Corequisites

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Requisites are defined as courses that must be completed either prior to or concurrently with the given course. Prerequisites are defined as courses that must be completed prior to enrollment in the given course. Corequisites are defined as courses that must be completed concurrently with the given course. Due to complexities in the scheduling process, requests for specific sections or instructors will not be accommodated.

Audit Courses
Audit is a registration status that allows a learner to attend a course without receiving credit. A learner who audits a course is expected to adhere to all course, program, and institutional policies, including attendance and participation, which apply to learners taking the course for credit. Audited courses are excluded from the calculation of financial aid eligibility. Audited courses do not count toward full-time learner status, nor are they considered in the determination of continuous enrollment. Audit courses are included in calculation of the maximum credit load enrollment allowance. To audit a course, the learner must request approval from the course instructor and the Registrar and, if approved, pay the corresponding audit fee and purchase any resources required for the course.

Maximum Credit Load
The recommended maximum load for learners is sixteen (16) semester credits, including audited courses. A learner who, under special circumstances, needs to take more than sixteen (16) credits must obtain written permission from the designated academic manager and pay the applicable tuition and fees.

Part-time Options
Part-time options are available based on transferred credit and remaining credit load. Learners who wish to pursue part-time options must inform the Registrar. General Education courses may be distributed over five (5) semesters. Once learners matriculate into nursing courses, the program must be completed according to the Program Plan in the student portal. Exceptions may be made by Registration Management in consultation with the Program Director in extreme circumstances.

Repeat Coursework
If learners fail a course that is a prerequisite for another course, they must retake and successfully pass the failed course before enrolling in the course with the prerequisite requirement. Learners who fail to successfully complete a course on the third attempt will not be eligible to continue in the academic program and will be withdrawn from the College. Those who wish to repeat a course to improve their grade may be allowed to do so at the discretion of the designated academic manager. Learners must pay for all repeated coursework and any updated required course materials. In some instances, learners may be eligible to receive Title IV funds for repeat coursework.

In undergraduate coursework, learners who are withdrawn from a bachelor’s program or associate degree program due to three (3) unsuccessful attempts in nursing core classes may request admission to the Practical Nurse (PN) diploma program or LPN to ASN Program if the program is available in their area. Admission is not guaranteed. Learners may contact Registration Management to verify eligibility. The learner should refer to their Learner Funding Advisor for additional information about impact on learner ledger and financial aid. 

Adding or Dropping Courses
During the first two (2) weeks of every academic semester, learners may register for additional courses and incur the corresponding tuition and/or fee charges. Learners also may unregister from courses and receive the corresponding tuition and/or fee credit. As part of the accelerated program, a Program Plan is provided to learners upon entry. This Program Plan outlines the most efficient route to program completion. Because many classes are prerequisites or corequisites for other courses, dropping and adding courses at the beginning of each semester may be restricted. Learners requesting deviations from their Program Plans may contact Registration Management.

New learners may withdraw from the College within the add/drop period without incurring tuition charges.

Continuing learners who withdraw within the add/drop period will be subject to the pro-rata tuition charges as outlined in “Refund for Withdrawal.” In addition, learners will be responsible for any applicable fees.

The deadline for adding or dropping courses is 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time on Friday of the second week of instruction in every academic semester. Learners are required to meet with a Learner Funding Advisor, and should consult with Registration Management before adding or dropping courses as financial aid eligibility and/or academic progress may be affected.

Note: During the add/drop period, course enrollment changes may be initiated by the College.

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