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Academic Honors

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The President’s Honor Roll (Semester Honors)
The President’s Honor Roll recognizes full-time learners who have completed any academic semester with a 3.90 or better grade point average.

The Honor Roll (Semester Honors)
The Honor Roll recognizes full-time learners who have completed any academic semester with a 3.65-3.89 grade point average.

Graduation with Honors for Degree Programs 
A degree-program learner who achieves a 3.65, 3.80, and 3.90 or better cumulative GPA at degree completion will graduate cum laude (honors), magna cum laude (high honors), or summa cum laude (highest honors), respectively.

Cords representing these honors will be sent to graduates during their final semester. Eligibility for cords will be based on the cumulative GPA at the end of the learners' penultimate (second-to-last) semester, with official honors being awarded only on the transcript and recognized in the commencement ceremony only after final grades are posted.

Graduation with Honors for Diploma Programs (Practical Nursing) 
A diploma-program learner who achieves a 3.65 or 3.90 or better cumulative grade point average at program completion will graduate with Honors or High Honors, respectively.  

Program Cohort Valedictorian (Bachelor level learners only)
The learner who achieves the highest GPA in a graduating cohort is recognized and invited to speak as the cohort's valedictorian at the commencement ceremony. When multiple learners achieve the highest GPA, ties are broken by determining the highest standardized nursing test scores (Exit HESI). Learners who are tied by GPA but do not have the highest score on standardized testing will be noted as salutatorians, if applicable. Valedictorians (and salutatorians, if applicable) are awarded separately for each degree program cohort. 

Academic honors and titles are not awarded to graduate level learners. 

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