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Preparation for Licensure

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  • A variety of NCLEX-RN® preparatory activities will be delivered in stages throughout the entire prelicensure academic program.
  • Prior to graduation, all learners must successfully complete the prescribed NCLEX-RN® review course.
  • All learners must engage with the NCLEX Success Coach, provided by the College at no additional cost, prior to applying for licensure and testing.

The Standardized RN Exit Exam is a predictor of success on the NCLEX-RN® exam and will assist learners in preparation for RN licensure examination.

Licensing Exam Reimbursement Policy

Evidence suggests learners who take the licensing exam as promptly as possible after graduation increase their chances of success. To encourage a timely application and successful outcome of the licensing examination, graduates will be reimbursed for the cost of licensing exam registration when they meet the criteria noted in this policy. 

This section has been updated. Please view the Errata and Addenda section of the catalog to see what was changed.

Requirements for Reimbursement

  1. The graduate must pass the licensing exam, on the first or second attempt, within the following time frames to receive a refund for the cost of registration for the licensing exam, up to 100% paid for the passing attempt as described below.  
    • Within 90 days from academic transcript clearance date: 100% refund 
    • Within 120 days from academic transcript clearance date: 75% refund 
    • Within 150 days from academic transcript clearance date: 50% refund
  2. Academic transcript clearance is the date when Nursing Education Services clears a learner for graduation. If a learner is engaged in NCLEX Coaching, that date will start when the NCLEX Coach clears the learner, which will be the Academic Clearance date. 
  3. The graduate must be cleared by NCLEX Success to qualify. 
  4. The graduate must report their test date to via their Nightingale College email.

Needs-Based Advance

  1. The graduate must meet financial eligibility criteria as determined by Bursar and Learner Funding.
  2. The graduate must be cleared for graduation and cleared by NCLEX Coaching to qualify.
  3. The graduate must apply for the needs-based advance by emailing a request to via their Nightingale College email. 
  4. Once approval has been granted, the graduate will meet with the Coordinator of NCLEX Success to register for the licensing exam and set the test date. 
  5. Graduates may apply for the needs-based advance for up to two attempts on the licensing exam. 

Note: Should the graduate choose to change the location of the scheduled licensing examination, any change in registration fees will remain the responsibility of the graduate. The College will not reimburse this fee. 


If graduates do not follow and complete the reimbursement policy process, they will not be eligible for reimbursement. 

  1. Upon receiving confirmation from the graduate that they have passed the licensing exam, NCLEX Success will process the graduate’s electronic signature for reimbursement according to the policy above.
  2. NCLEX Success will confirm the graduate’s licensure status by reviewing official test results submitted by graduates using their electronic signature that will be sent through the graduate’s Nightingale College email address. The graduate will then send their electronic signature, which will be submitted to Accounts Payable for reimbursement. 
  3. Accounts Payable will complete the reimbursement process within fourteen (14) business days of receipt of the completed and signed form, assuming no errors or incomplete information. 
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