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Learner Rights

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All learners in Active status with the College are afforded the following rights:

  1. An environment, to the extent influenced by the College, conducive to learning;
  2. Reasonable notice of issues related to attendance, grading, compliance for experiential learning activities, completion standards, and expectations;
  3. Due process in any proceeding regarding allegations of violations of the Learner Code of Conduct, the Academic Integrity Policy, or other College and/or course standards; Due Process at the College includes:
    • Written notice of the alleged violation;
    • An opportunity for the learner to present their perspective and any supporting evidence;
    • Consideration of relevant information and evidence by an impartial College representative or formal committee;
    • Written notice of decision and any associated corrective action.
  4. Freedom from illegal biases, including any discrimination against protected classes and any form of harassment;
  5. Confidentiality as provided by FERPA;
  6. Reasonable access to programs and information, including but not limited to, the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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