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Learner Responsibilities

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With the rights outlined above come responsibilities to the larger community, including other learners, faculty, staff, healthcare partners, and patients. Also included is any and all conduct that disrupts the normal business of the College or the College’s relationship with healthcare partners.  These responsibilities can be summarized by the Golden Rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you. They include but are not limited to:

  1. Adherence to federal, state, and local laws, as well as the rules established by healthcare partners for experiential learning activities;
  2. Conduct conducive to learning, including non-interference with facilitation of instruction; completion of assigned work and exams with strict adherence to the Academic Integrity Policy and course syllabi, including representing oneself and work with integrity when submitting assignments or taking exams;
  3. Use of College property and resources in a manner befitting a representative of the College, and not for personal gain or profit;
  4. Civility and professionalism in all interactions, including online and in-person settings, with other learners, faculty, staff, experiential learning partners, and patients;
  5. The following conduct is expressly prohibited:
    • Harassment of any kind, either in person or in virtual settings;
    • Misuse of campus technology, including:
      • any use which disrupts network or system use by others;
      • use for advertising, client-building, lobbying, or financial gain;
      • file sharing of any kind, particularly in violation of copyright laws;
      • distributing harassing or disparaging statements that incite violence or are based on protected classes;
      • knowingly spreading computer viruses;
      • accessing protected records or files without permission.


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