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Learner Orientation

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The College requires all learners to complete mandatory orientation consisting of online and on-ground components. The mandatory two (2) week College Readiness Orientation Seminar (CROS) must be completed prior to the start of the first academic semester of enrollment. CROS familiarizes the learner with College policies and procedures, including the Catalog, learners' rights and responsibilities, technology (learning management system, virtual library, online student portal, etc.), safety and emergency procedures, bloodborne pathogens and infection control, and various required disclosures and disclaimers.

A mandatory, real-time New Learner Welcome Forum (NLWF) is required for all new learners on the first day of enrollment. The New Learner Welcome Forum is broadcast online and includes several quizzes to capture attendance and participation. Every semester, new learners in a specified geographic area are invited to participate in the New Learner Welcome Forum in person.

For learners transitioning from general education to lower-division nursing core courses, site-specific orientation is scheduled prior to the first day of experiential learning activities at the assigned Supervised On-Ground Field Experiential (SOFE) sites.

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