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Learner Kits

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Learners will receive a learner supply kit for each of the following experiential learning courses:

  • PN 106; PN 125; PN 145; PN 165
  • BSN 206; BSN 225; BSN 246; BSN 266; BSN 346; BSN 366
  • ASN 241; ASN 261; ASN 341; ASN 361

If learners are enrolled in any of the above courses at the end of the add/drop period, the kits will be shipped early in the semester and will include the items needed to engage in the intervention skills-based (ISB) experiential learning and complete skills checkoff. The cost of these supplies is built into the program fees for each learner.

Learners will receive their virtual reality (VR) headset with their kits when they begin their first experiential learning course. Learners will receive only one VR headset for the entirety of their program they are enrolled in. It is expected that learners will retain all items they receive from the College throughout the program. Learners will be charged at the time of purchase from the vendor when a replacement is needed. 

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