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Rights and Responsibilities of Learners Receiving Federal Student Aid

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Learners have the right to:

  • know what learner funding programs are offered at the College;
  • know the criteria for continued learner eligibility under each FSA program;
  • know how the College determines whether the learner is making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), the consequences of failing to meet SAP requirements, and how to reestablish eligibility for FSA;
  • know the method of disbursement of FSA funds and the frequency of the disbursements;
  • know the terms of any loans received as part of the Financial Aid package, receive a sample loan repayment schedule, and understand the necessity for repaying the loans;
  • be supplied with exit counseling information upon graduation, dropping below half-time status, or withdrawing from the College;
  • know how financial need is determined;
  • know how cost of attendance is determined;
  • know the institutional policy and the Title IV policy for refunds; and
  • know the terms and conditions under which learners receiving Federal Direct Student Loans may obtain deferments or forbearances.

Learners have the responsibility to:

  • complete the FSA forms accurately and submit the form on time. Intentional misrepresentation on the FAFSA is a violation of law and a criminal offense subject to penalties;
  • submit the FAFSA and other required paperwork every award year for continued eligibility in the FSA programs;
  • maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to continue receiving FSA;
  • check the learner email account for important financial aid information;
  • respond promptly to any request for documentation or information from the Learner Funding Advisor or Government Funding Processor;
  • complete loan entrance counseling prior to receiving the first disbursement of a Federal Direct Student Loan;
  • understand the College’s Refund for Withdrawal policy and Return of Title IV Funds policy;
  • repay any learner loans borrowed in a timely manner;
  • complete loan exit counseling when withdrawing, graduating from the College, or dropping below half-time enrollment and holding Federal Direct Student Loans;
  • notify the Registrar Office of any change in name, address, or attendance status;
  • understand that all FSA is contingent on the individual learner’s continued eligibility and the availability of funds; and
  • understand all forms and agreements signed and keep copies for personal records.
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