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Learner Financial Responsibilities and Academic Program Progress

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Learners are responsible for meeting financial obligations to the College on time, including completion of all Learner Funding requirements and paperwork, making scheduled payments, and responding to information and documentation requests.

All applicable conditions listed below must be met by the learner by 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time on the last Friday of the add/drop period in every academic semester to satisfy the entire account balance:

  •  Learner has paid the account balance in full;
  •  Learner has enrolled in a College-approved installment or monthly payment plan;
  •  Learner has completed all Learner Funding requirements and forms;
  •  Learner has provided proof of third-party financial assistance.

Note: If a learner requests to pay any or all of the tuition and fees in cash, the learner must sign the One-Time Cash Payment agreement and the payment must be made in full no later than the first day of the corresponding semester.

If the conditions above are not met as required, learners are responsible for payment of late fees and interest, will be subject to records holds, and may be withdrawn from the program.

Learners with a gap balance in tuition owed to Nightingale College must choose one of three payment options:

  1. Pay their balance in full
  2. Nightingale College Installment Payment Program
  3. Nightingale College Bridge Loans Program (NCBL)
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