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FSA and Satisfactory Academic Progress

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Learners awarded any Federal Student Aid (FSA) must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to continue to qualify for FSA.

Learners who do not meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements will automatically be placed on FSA Warning for the following academic semester. See the SAP section of this Catalog for more information. An FSA Warning letter will be sent to the learner within fourteen (14) days of failing to meet SAP. 

Learners on an FSA Warning who do not meet the SAP requirements for the second consecutive academic semester are not eligible to participate in Title IV FSA programs and will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension without a successful appeal. A letter notifying the learner of the Financial Aid Suspension (the loss of Title IV eligibility) status and the right to appeal will be sent within fourteen (14) days of failing to meet SAP after the second consecutive academic semester. Only reasonable explanations for not meeting SAP will be considered in the appeal. A learner granted a favorable decision in the appeal will be put on Academic and Financial Aid probation and is entitled to receive Title IV funding only if the learner is in full compliance with the terms of the probation.

Learners who lose Title IV eligibility and successfully appeal for academic reinstatement may elect to continue their studies at the College on a cash-pay basis. Refer to Academic Remedies, Academic Appeals, and Withdrawal from the College sections of this Catalog for more information.

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