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MAT 220: Introduction to Statistics

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MAT 220: Introduction to Statistics
Delivery Modality: Distance (Online Didactic Instruction)
Semester Credits: 3 (Didactic Only)
Contact Hours: 45
Outside Preparation: An average of three (3) hours per week for every didactic credit hour
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer (Subject to Enrollment)
Prerequisites: MAT 100 or equivalent
Corequisites: None
Requisites: None
Description: In this course, learners will examine the properties behind the basic concepts of probability and statistics and focus on applications of statistical knowledge. Learners will learn how statistics and probability work together. The subject of statistics involves the study of methods for collecting, summarizing, and interpreting data. Learners will learn how to understand the basics of drawing statistical conclusions. This course will begin with descriptive statistics and the foundation of statistics, then move to probability and random distributions, the latter of which enables statisticians to work with several aspects of random events and their applications. Finally, learners will examine several ways to investigate the relationships between various characteristics of data.
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