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BSN 485: Capstone Leadership

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BSN 485: Capstone Leadership
Delivery Modality: Blended
Semester Credits: 2
Contact Hours: 60
Outside Preparation: An average of three (3) hours per week for every didactic credit hour (This course includes a clinical practice-based project which requires 45 tracked clock hours to receive credit for the course).
Typically Offered:
Prerequisites: BSN 355 and BSN 435
Corequisites: None
Requisites: None
Description: This course is a follow-up course to BSN 355: Capstone Proposal, which was taken the first or second semester of the BSN Program. In this course, learners will be completing the capstone project they proposed in BSN 355. Learners will apply their learning about vision, creativity, and planning as it relates to leadership in nursing. They will complete a capstone project.
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