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Nursing Education Philosophy

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Nursing is a professional discipline that espouses confidence, competence, and compassion at its core and is derived from nursing science. It contributes to society by promoting and improving health outcomes for individuals and families in local, regional, and global communities without regard to status or class. Nursing is guided by ethical principles. It is committed to social justice and to eliminating health disparities. These core values and beliefs guide the nursing education programs and are congruent with the College’s vision, mission, and pathway and the nursing core competencies of client-centered care, intentional learning with reflection, evidence-based practice, decision making and clinical reasoning, organizational, local and global leadership, communication and informatics, quality and safety assurance, and teamwork and collaboration.

The nursing programs follow in Florence Nightingale’s footsteps, embracing her beliefs that advocacy, leadership, and caring are central to the profession of nursing and are, therefore, core to nursing education. Nursing education at the College is based on the art and science of the profession, allowing the learners to progress along the novice-to-expert continuum, while developing the foundational knowledge and skills and elevating their clinical reasoning.

Through distance learning, formal education is no longer bound to a traditional classroom environment. Each learner brings unique talents and experiences that provide a rich milieu for the exchange of ideas and knowledge development.

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