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Late Coursework Policy and Extensions

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Late Coursework Policy

Course Assignments, including discussions, exams, and other graded assignments, should be submitted on time.  If learners are unable to complete an assignment on time, they should contact their instructor immediately via the Learning Management System (LMS) inbox and must complete an Assignment Extension Request form found in Learner Forms in the LMS.    

Assignments that are submitted after the due date without approval from the instructor will receive the following deductions:  

  • Certain assignments such as Initial Discussion posts and replies, HESIs, mid-term exams, final exams, final projects, and/or portfolios will not be accepted without approval from the instructor  
  • Late assignments submitted within one (1) week after the due date will receive up to a 10% deduction.  
  • Assignments submitted more than one (1) week and less than two (2) weeks late will receive up to a 20% deduction.  
  • Assignments submitted more than two weeks late will receive a zero (0).

Assignments may be accepted after the due date and without the required late penalty deduction only under extenuating circumstances, which will be reviewed at the discretion of the instructor. In circumstances that will affect the learner’s assignments in multiple courses, the learner may file an Exception Request.

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