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General Education Programmatic Outcomes

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The College has developed General Education (GE) curriculum to assist every learner enrolled in undergraduate academic programs with achieving competency in each of the following eight (8) programmatic outcomes:

  1. Written and Verbal Communication: Graduates will be able to choose effective language and a communication medium for a given scenario.
  2. Evidence-Based Practice: Graduates will be able to assess and predict current best practices and an effective course of action given a thorough evaluation of the available evidence.
  3. Intentional Learning and Reflection: Graduates will be able to evaluate their thinking and determine best practices within a quality improvement framework.
  4. Decision Making and Judgment: Graduates will be able to reframe their thinking and discriminate effective from ineffective practices in a given scenario.
  5. Teamwork and Collaboration: Graduates will be able to collaborate with internal and external teams effectively within a given scenario.
  6. Quantitative Reasoning Skills: Graduates will be able to make accurate, evidence-based conclusions in a given scenario.
  7. Human Ideals and Ethics: Graduates will be able to select an appropriate course of action given the complexities of a group in a given scenario.
  8. Diversity and Engagement: Graduates will be able to facilitate a group of individuals and support the group’s development of effective initiatives in a given scenario.

For each of the programmatic outcomes (GE-POs), the performance benchmark is 70% competency.

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