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Faculty Role Philosophy

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Within this larger philosophical framework, faculty serve as facilitators to the learners in acquiring the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities outlined in the course and program outcomes. Through regular and substantive interaction, faculty assess learner competence in the course and work to mentor and support learners in deepening their understanding of the content and engaging with the concepts that form the core of topic knowledge. While the learning is largely asynchronous, faculty work to create an environment for learning that values contribution, feedback, clarity of expectations, and consistency in applying the standards to individuals. Faculty are present in support of learner efforts to transform their individual thinking and motivation to be a force for change within society. Faculty role responsibilities include:


  • Assisting learners in becoming more aware of their learning process and their ability to discern what, why and how they are learning; including the various means by which it relates to prior and future knowledge.
  • Working with learners to understand what resources are available to assist their learning process.
  • Having a deeper understanding of how education can alter an individual’s ability to motivate change in society.
  • Allowing learners to practice and improve their skills, modes of inquiry, and reasoning through:
    • Application of acquired knowledge and skills that form the core of the course and the area of study it represents.
    • Opportunities to think critically, use analysis, deduction, inference, and other analytical and metacognitive strategies to complete course requirements.
    • Communicating appropriately to the course content to discuss issues and matters related to the concepts.
    • Ensuring viewpoints and perspectives are valued and included in the conversations in reinforcing diversity and respect for individual humanity.
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