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Educational Philosophy

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In congruence with its organizational mission, vision, and pathway, Nightingale College employs several philosophies designed to provide a foundation for delivering high-quality education in various areas of academic inquiry. The College’s educational philosophy for the development of healthcare professionals is aligned under the guiding principles of confidence, competence, and compassion. Each of the guiding principles informs how the College designs programs and courses, facilitates learner engagement, and interacts with stakeholders, partners, and the communities it serves.


  • Incorporating evidence-based practice through scientific research findings and application in health interventions to provide safe and effective client-centered care.
  • Recognizing that clinical decision making is not a single event but simultaneous processes that include multiple stakeholders.


  • Exhibiting social justice, caring, advocacy, protection from harm, respect for self and others.
  • Incorporating collaboration and ethical behavior into nursing practice by observing, interpreting, responding to and reflecting on ethical dilemmas, sound principles, and frameworks as a guide.


  • Establishing relationships based on empathy, caring, mutual trust and respect.
  • Developing and implementing care that reflects the age, attitudes, belief system, core values, and client preferences.
  • Demonstrating professional advocacy to ensure healthcare needs are met.

The College’s educational philosophy is supported by additional philosophies in General Education, Nursing Education, and Faculty Role.

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