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Corrective Actions

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Corrective actions may include but are not limited to one or more of the following, and corrective actions at the various levels may utilize options from lower levels, but not higher levels:

Levels 0-1

  • Dispositional Waiver: No corrective action is taken against the learner.
  • Warning: A detailed written statement of violation is issued to the learner specifying further action should the violation recur.
  • Learner Success Plan: Successful completion of a training course addressing ethics and appropriate learner conduct. Failure to successfully complete this training will result in the assignment of another action.
  • Redo Assignment: The learner may receive the opportunity to reperform the required task with a potential point reduction attached.

Level 2

  • Academic Failure: The learner may receive a failing grade for an assignment or course.
  • Restitution: Reimbursement for damage to, or misappropriation, of property. This may take the form of appropriate service or other compensation.

Level 3

  • Withdrawal: Withdrawal from a course.
  • Suspension: Learner is withdrawn from all courses, but the learner may return the following academic semester. Learner will receive “WF” grades in all courses for that academic semester.
  • Expulsion: Learner is withdrawn from all courses and is permanently suspended from the College. Learner will receive “WF” grades in all courses for that academic semester.
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