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Catalog Errata 2024

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Although we make every effort to provide current, complete, and accurate information in the College Catalog, occasionally we need to modify the College Catalog after publication. We reserve the right to change, modify, or alter the contents of the Catalog as necessary. Please make note of the following changes. These changes will be included in the Catalog, effective immediately.

Summer Semester 2024

Erratum 1: Publication of Licensure Information (Learner Life, Learner Support Services, Employment and Career Support Services) 

Some information concerning the College’s publication of licensure data is incorrect. Incorrect items have been removed. See below for the corrected text: 

In-Catalog modification: 
Note: The College publishes  its graduates’ licensure history by state eligibility on its website as well as the a list of states in which the College has not determined its graduates’ licensure eligibility. Note: Learners must have established legal residency or professional practice in a state to apply for licensure in that state.

Erratum 2: MDC Requirements for LPN to ASN Program (Admissions Requirements, Entrance and Placement Exams) 

In the original Catalog publication, the time window during which PN Diploma graduates can enroll in the BSN program without taking the MDC should have been applied to the LPN to ASN program as well as the BSN program. The following text is added: 

In-Catalog modification: 
Nightingale College graduates of the PN Diploma Program who enroll in the LPN to ASN program within one year of graduation will not be required to take the MDC for the LPN to ASN program.  If more than one (1) year lapses from the time of graduation from the PN Diploma Program, learners will be required to take and pass the MDC to be admitted.

Erratum 3: CNEA Accreditation Standards in Practical Nurse Program Description 

In the program description for the Practical Nurse (PN) program, the Catalog stated that this program meets Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education standards. However, the accrediting body for the PN Program is the National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (CNEA), not CCNE. The text has been corrected as follows: 
In-Catalog modification: 
The PN Diploma Program curriculum plan meets the requirements of the National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (CNEA).

Spring Semester 2024

Erratum 1: Date of In-Person Graduation Celebrations

The date of the in-person Graduation Celebration was listed as August 23, 2024 in the Academic Calendar at original publication. The 2024 calendar at the beginning of the Catalog also listed the date of the in-person Graduation Celebration as August 23, 2024.

The correct date of the 2024 In-Person Graduation Celebration is August 30, 2024.

Please update your personal calendars to reflect this change. The dates for the 2025 and 2026 In-Person Graduation Celebrations were listed as August 22, 2025 and August 21, 2026 respectively. These dates have not been finalized and now are listed as To Be Determined.

In-Catalog modification:

Erratum 2: Estimated Total Cost for MSN PMHNP Program

In the original Catalog publication, the total estimated cost for the Master of Science in Nursing Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program was listed as $39,450.

The updated estimated total program cost of the MSN PMHNP Program is $34,050.

In-Catalog modification:

Erratum 3: MSNEd Tuition

The MSNEd Estimated Total Program Cost was calculated incorrectly at initial publication.  The estimated total program cost is $20,025, not $20,125.

In-Catalog modification:

Erratum 4: Nursing Core Courses with HESI Requirement

The following sentence has been added to the HESI policy for clarification: “Learners who score at or below 849 on the first attempt and fail to achieve 800 or above on the second attempt will fail the course.

In-Catalog modification:

Erratum 5: Nursing Core Courses with HESI Requirement

The section titled “Lower-Division Nursing Core Courses with HESI Requirement” should read “Nursing Core Courses with HESI Requirement.”  HESI Requirements are the same for all nursing courses with HESI requirements, not lower-division nursing courses exclusively.

In-Catalog modification:

Erratum 6: Sample Curriculum Plan in RN-to-BSN Track

The Catalog contains a table for standardized exams in the RN-to-BSN Track. Because the RN-to-BSN track does not contain any of these courses, the following table should not be included within the RN-to-BSN track and has been removed from the Catalog. The following standardized exams do not apply to RN-to-BSN courses.

In-Catalog modification:

Erratum 7: Unauthorized Use of Artificial Intelligence (Learner Code of Conduct, Process for Dispositional Action)

Unauthorized use of Artificial Intelligence should not have been included in the Level 0 and Level 1 sections. These references have been removed.

In-Catalog modification:

Erratum 8: MSN 596 Course Description

The MSN 596 Course Description was missing from the initial Catalog publication. The following course description has been added to the Catalog:

In-Catalog modification:

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