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MSN 623: Advanced Family Health in Primary Care Settings Practicum 13

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MSN 623: Advanced Family Health in Primary Care Settings Practicum 13
Delivery Modality: Distance education and practicum experiences
Semester Credits: 1
Contact Hours: 45 (Online Didactic)
Outside Preparation: The learner will complete a total of 45 practicum hours in this course.
Typically Offered:
Prerequisites: MSN 580, MSN 582, MSN 584, MSN 586, MSN 588, MSN 590
Corequisites: None
Requisites: MSN 594, MSN 600, MSN 604, MSN 608
Description: This one (1) credit hour supervised practicum experience will provide the learner with an opportunity to synthesize and apply advanced practice nursing skills and knowledge regarding the assessment, diagnosis, and management of care among children, adolescents, pregnant women, adults, and older adults in primary care settings. Learners will function under the mentorship of course faculty and work in collaboration with qualified preceptors. In addition, the learner will build academic and clinical advanced practice nursing capacity within the APRN overarching competency areas and role domains including, but not limited to, 1) scientific foundation, 2) leadership, 3) quality, 4) practice inquiry, 5) technology and information literacy, 6) policy, 7) health delivery systems, 8) ethics, and 9) independent practice. NOTE: Learners are responsible for a total accumulation of 18 credits/810 contact hours of practicum experience throughout the entire program. The practicum courses are typically developed in one (1) credit hour/45 contact hour increments to allow for learner flexibility in scheduling and completing the required program practicum hours.
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