BSN Program Benefits


Why get a BSN degree through Nightingale’s BSN Program?

  • Boosts learner knowledge to a BSN level in just 32 months.
  • Improves individual, family, and community health and wellness by applying clinical reasoning, evidence-based skills and knowledge, and leadership in practice.
  • Facilitates BSN Program graduate’s career mobility and meets the demand for professional nurses nationwide.
  • Increases the availability of advanced nursing education opportunities for qualified learners.
  • Improves class scheduling flexibility and learning efficacy through the utilization of a variety of innovative instruction delivery methods and learning modalities, such as online didactic coursework. including synchronous and asynchronous online engagements, capstone activities, and distance learning.

Why is a BSN degree important in the nursing field? Program-level learner outcomes for the BSN Program

At BSN Program completion, as measured by evaluation activities throughout the Program, the graduate will

  1. Demonstrate quality, competent, client-centered care—always bearing in mind the physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, cultural, and environmental aspects of the clients’ needs.
  2. Demonstrate skills of intentional learning, critical thinking, and reflection in order to purposefully perform their duties and provide holistic care to the clients they serve.
  3. Use current research and nursing’s identified best practices; graduates will demonstrate the ability to practice based on evidence in their profession.
  4. Make decisions demonstrating clinical judgment, taking into consideration ethical, moral, legal, and evidence-based principles.
  5. Demonstrate leadership and management skills and attributes appropriate for their role as registered nurses.
  6. Demonstrate effective communication—therapeutically and professionally—with and without the use of technology.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to assess, improve, and assure quality and safety situations in their work as nurses.
  8. Collaborate effectively with others and function as valuable team members of an interdisciplinary team.

What will the BSN Program do for you?

A BSN is a good degree if you’re looking for better employment opportunities, career advancement and looking to serve your community as an agent of health. If you want to get an in-depth knowledge of what a BSN degree can do for your career, check our complete BSN guide.

BSN Program Core Competencies:

  1. Client-Centered Care
  2. Intentional Learning with Reflection
  3. Evidence-Based Practice
  4. Decision-Making and Clinical Judgment
  5. Organizational, Local, and Global Leadership
  6. Communication and Informatics
  7. Quality and Safety Assurance
  8. Teamwork and Collaboration

BSN Job Opportunities

If you’re an aspiring nurse, getting a BSN degree through the BSN Program can open up many important doors for you. Many people believe that nurses only work in hospital environments, but there are many other options for those that want to fast-track their way up the nursing ladder. With a BSN degree, many more opportunities in different fields arise.

These options include:

  • insurance companies
  • education
  • administration
  • hospice care
  • pharmaceutical companies

Maybe you’re not interested in working in a hospital, but that won’t stop you achieve your goal of being a professional nurse.

How will the BSN Program enhance nursing practice?

Throughout the BSN Program, especially in the advanced nursing core courses, learners are able to participate in a Community Health Project and a Capstone Project that provide learners the opportunity to contribute to their community’s well-being and their employer’s efficiency.

The Community Health Project allows learners to drive awareness in their own community for a particular need that has not been addressed. Projects can range from teaching correct exercising routines and nutrition information to appropriate hand washing techniques, and delivering information focused on strategies to prevent domestic abuse, and educating community members on the importance of regular cancer screenings.

Through the Capstone Project, learners select their project focus based on the needs of their current employer in order to improve efficiency in policies and procedures. This project situates learners in a leadership role in their facility and helps them stand out among their colleagues. The results of the project will be presented in the last semester of the BSN Program in the last capstone course. The BSN 355 course is where you will choose a project and write a proposal. You will need to work on your capstone project in the second and third semester in order to be successful.

What jobs are available with a BSN degree?

Here are some ideas:

  • Clinical Hospital Staff Nurse
  • Non-Clinical Hospital Staff Nurse (administrative and upper-management roles)
  • Non-Hospital Nurse (administrative and advisory positions in nursing homes or hospice care settings, insurance companies, and government organizations)

For more information, check and download our complete College Catalog.

Capstone Project

Stand out with our employer-focused Capstone Leadership Project that challenges your leadership and knowledge capabilities.

BSN nurses

Community Health Project

Help your community improve by focusing your Community Health Project on fulfilling a need that is absent.

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