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Learner Experience

Military and Veterans

Military and Veteran Scholarships/Financial Assistance:

Click the buttons below for financial assistance and scholarships available to our veterans and active members.


Tuition & Aid

Application Costs for Military and Veteran Learners

The application fee is waived for all Nightingale College’s active duty servicemembers and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, unless transferring in pharmacology credit where only a $50 application fee will be assessed.

Military and Veteran Cost Adjustments for Non-Matriculated Non-Degree Seeking Learners

Tuition for non-matriculated non-degree seeking learners who are Active Duty and Reserve Members of the U.S. Armed Forces is $250 per academic semester credit plus the applicable course fees ($100 per course) only for the GE courses COM 301, ENG 120, HUM 110, MAT 100, PSY 201, and SOC 220.  Servicemembers may take up to five (5) of the aforementioned courses at the stated tuition rate.

Military and Veteran Credit Transfer

To learn about our credit transfer policies and deadline, please visit the Credit Transfer page.

Credit Transfer

Cost of Attendance Per Credit

To learn about our Cost of Attendance Per Credit, please visit the Tuition and Aid page.

Tuition and Aid

VA State Licensure Requirements:

View Here

Download the VA State Licensure Requirements:

Download Here

Military family at Nightingale College

Military and Veteran Support Services
(Mental Health/Life/Other support):

Below are some important resources for our military/veteran students and alumni for their mental health, life, and other support that you may need.

Nurse Practitioner School- Opportunities for Military Nurses

Our team at created a guide detailing information all about careers in military nursing. It covers key skills to being a military nurse, career paths by military branch, and frequently asked questions that would be beneficial for students looking to be employed in the healthcare space.


Make The Connection

Created by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Make The Connection is your #1 resource for behavioral health treatment in your area. You are not alone, click this link to find your local behavioral health treatment in your area today.

Lifeline for Vets

Created by the National Veterans Foundation (NVF), Lifeline for Vets give veterans and military students with resources for crisis hotlines, homelessness, and benefits information. For more information, click here. 

National Resource Directory (NRD)

Developed by the Defense Health Agency’s Recovery Coordination Program, the NRD was created for wounded warriors, Service Members, Veterans, their families, and caregivers to programs and services that support them. Click here for more information. provides a resource that dives into veteran mental health care and shares the most effective, affordable, and convenient online therapy services for veterans.  For more information, click here. 

Military One Source:

Funded by the Department of Defense, Military One Source provides veterans, and active members all the services that the Department of Veteran Affairs offers. Click here to find available programs and financial assistance.


Military and Veteran Spouse/Families:

Military spouses and families have their own struggles. Below are websites that help balance the scale a bit with resources of benefits specifically for military spouses and families.

Military Benefits 

Many programs are provided automatically upon entrance to military service or marriage to a service member.  Click this link to read about the top five benefits that are not automatically provided but provided to military spouses and families.

Going Back to School as a Military Spouse

Going back to school is extremely rewarding. Click this link to read more about how being a military spouse can benefit you as a student.

Retirement Benefits for Military Spouses

Retirement signifies the end of the a long road. Click this link to read about the retirement benefits that you may qualify for as a military spouse.

Military Army Journalist



Military parent

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