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Learner Experience

Grievances and Exceptions

Executive Summary

A formal process is available for learners to make an Exception Request or Grievance within the College to obtain a formal resolution.

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Please read the definitions carefully to determine which of these two forms to submit: 

  1. Exception Requests: A request for the College to grant a variance from existing policies because of extenuating or unpredictable circumstances.
  1. Grievance: A complaint alleging that a process or incident did not align with the College’s policies as stated in the College Catalog.
  1. Appeal- Apply to a higher function for reconsideration of a grievance outcome that meets criteria.



Learners must address the grievance directly with the course faculty prior to initiating the grievance form. Please be sure to make note of this effort and any details about this effort that may be relevant.

If the learner feels that his or her concern is not resolved with the course faculty, the student may request further consideration by submitting a Learner Grievance Form found below.

Learners should review the course syllabus, course announcements, and the Nightingale Catalog prior to submitting the Learner Grievance Form.

Once received, a designated investigator from Nursing Education, General Education, or another function will investigate the grievance. Then, the Grievance Committee, comprised of managers from Nursing Education, General Education, and other functions, will meet and make a determination on the grievance. The grievance determination will be sent to the learner via email within ten (10) business days.

Appeals to Grievances

Appeal forms are provided attached to a Grievance Determination via email to the learner. 
A request for an appeal must be submitted via a form that is emailed to the learner in the Grievance determination. The appeal must be submitted within three (3) business days from receipt of the determination. An appeals committee made up of three (3) directors will conduct a thorough review and render a written final determination within three to five (3-5) business days. The determination will be emailed to the learner. The final decision may no longer be appealed within the College.

Grievance determinations may be appealed for review if one of the following conditions is true:
1. The learner has new information that was undiscovered or unknown in the original grievance.
2.  Substantial procedural or investigative error(s) were present.
3.  Improper bias influenced the investigation outcome.

Learner must submit supporting evidence of their allegation or claim to have appeal reviewed.

Appeal decisions are rendered, typically, in 10 business days. 

Exception Request

Effective Summer Semester 2023, an Exception Request process will be available to learners. Exception Requests may be submitted by learners who believe that their extenuating or unpredictable circumstances should excuse them from the enforcement of a policy. 

Examples of extenuating or unpredictable circumstances include, but are not limited to, documented:
•    Death of an immediate family member or close relative.
•    Debilitating illness, medical condition, accident, or injury.

Learners submitting Exception Requests are required to provide evidence of the extenuating or unpredictable circumstance and explain how it will negatively impact their program progression or completion.

Exception Requests are submitted via an online form found below. Once received, the Exception Request will be reviewed to determine if the extenuating or unpredictable circumstances warrant the granting of the request. Exception requests are subject to denial at the discretion of Nightingale College due to the ability and allowable time to provide accommodation.

The learner will receive a determination via email within ten (10) business days.


  • Learners must address the grievance directly with the course faculty prior to initiating the grievance form.
  • Learners may request further consideration for a grievance by the Academic Manager by using the Learner Grievance Form.
  • Learners should review the course syllabus, course announcements, and the Nightingale Catalog prior to submitting the Learner Grievance Form.
  • The Learner Grievance Form should be filled out completely.
  • If required to clarify and resolve the grievance, it is expected that the learner will meet with the Academic Manager, or with the Academic Manager and the LSS staff.
  • Per the Nightingale Catalog, the decision from the Academic Manager is the final decision.


  1. Learners first communicate concerns or issues to their faculty via teams messaging or email.
  2. If concern or issue is unresolved between faculty and learner, then learner may fill out Learner Grievance Form.
  3. Requests for evaluation of a learner grievance by an Academic Manager will not be addressed without submission of a Learner Grievance Form.
  4. The Academic Manager will review the information provided by the learner and if the concern is not addressed in an existing course policy or guideline, there will be a brief investigation into the surrounding circumstances.
  5. Per the Nightingale College Catalog, the decision issued by the designated academic manager is NOT further appealable within the College.

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Learner Grievances

Non Learner Grievances

Non learners may submit a grievance in writing by emailing Ombudsman

Departmental Responsibility

  • NES Faculty
  • GE Faculty
  • Academic Managers

Learners with complaints against Nightingale College should first file a grievance with the institution following the grievance procedures in the Catalog.  If the complaint is not resolved, learners have the right to seek further resolution outside the College through the appropriate entity as described below.

Learner Consumer Complaints

Learners with complaints against the College relating to fraud, false advertising, or other deceptive practices may file a complaint with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection, 160 East 300 East, 2nd Floor, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, Telephone No. 801-530-6601, Toll Free in Utah at 1-800-721-SAFE or online at the button below.

Consumer Protection Form

Accreditor Complaints

Learners with complaints relating to the College’s quality of education, or other issues appropriate for its accrediting body to consider, may file a complaint with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) by submitting their complaint to their website

NWCCU Complaints

Out-of-State Complaints to Distance Education

Only complaints resulting from distance education courses, activities, and operations provided by the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA) participating institutions to learners in other NC-SARA states fall under NC-SARA’s jurisdiction.  After these complaints have undergone the grievance process with the College, complaints can be filed with NC-SARA through the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE).


California Learners

Complaints may be directed to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, Department of Consumer Affairs, through their online form. 

CA Online Form

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