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What is Academic Coaching

An academic coach, or tutor, is not simply someone helping with homework. Academic coaches at Nightingale College facilitate learning as a guide, mentor, and coach to assist learners in becoming confident, successful, and independent learners.

What Academic Coaching is not

Academic coaching is not a homework service. Nightingale College’s academic coaches will not do your homework for you. Instead they will help you understand the concepts so you can improve your mastery of course content. Academic coaching is also not a substitute for attending class. In order for you to get the most out of an academic coaching session, you must try to independently master course concepts. When you do need help, come prepared with specific concept questions.

Academic Coaching Options

Learners have access to free academic coaching services with options to fit your needs. Academic coaching is available to individuals or groups. Learners have the following options: call (801) 689-2160 and ask to schedule a face-to-face appointment or online appointment (Skype or GoToMeeting), or submit your composition for review.

Subjects for Academic Coaching

  • English Composition
  • Statistics
  • College Algebra
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • NCLEX Success

Schedule an Academic Coaching Session

Nightingale College provides all learners with free academic coaching that can be delivered either in person or online. To schedule an appointment with an academic coach, please complete the Academic Coaching Request Form. Click here to access the form.

Academic Coaching Policies

All Nightingale College learners are expected to follow academic coaching policies as a courtesy to other learners and academic coaches. Not following the policies may result in forfeiture of academic coaching services.

Online and Face-to-Face Sessions

  • Be on time!
    • Academic coaches will wait no more that 10 minutes for a session to begin. After 10 minutes, your session will be recorded as a “No- Show.” As a courtesy to other learners, if you are late to your session, but within the 10 minute grace period, your session will not be extended.
  • No-Show policy
    • Three (3) “No-Shows” and you will not be allowed to schedule academic coaching services for the remainder of the semester.
  • In the event you must cancel an academic coaching session, please call (801) 689-2160 and talk with academic coaching services to cancel your session no later than 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Any cancellations later than 2 hours will result in a “No-Show.”
  • Academic coaches will help you with concepts, not complete course assignments for you.
  • Come prepared for your appointment by:
    • Staying current on reading assignments
    • Attempting assignments
    • Preparing specific questions for the tutor
    • Bring questions or assignment to appointment and have the ability to access course assignments
    • Bring a pen or pencil, calculator, scratch paper or any other materials you may need to participate in a productive tutoring session.
  • Academic coaches are required to provide instructors with an individualized weekly utilization report list describing the concepts covered, length of appointments, and outcomes of tutoring sessions.


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