LPN to ASN Program Description

LPN to ASN Program Description

Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) to Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN)

• provides a dynamic pathway for entry into professional registered nurse (RN) practice;
• continually evolves to reflect local community needs and current and emerging health care delivery trends;
• responsible for instilling the tenets of advocacy, professional involvement, lifelong learning, and leadership; and
• involves evidence-based practice which prepares graduates to employ critical thinking, clinical competence, and technical proficiency in health care settings.

How many credits do you need for the LPN to ASN degree?

The blended distance curriculum consists of forty-eight (48) semester credits of nursing core coursework and is delivered over sixty-four (64) academic weeks. Learners are required to take the nursing courses in the sequence described. The LPN to ASN Program requires an additional twenty (20) semester credits of general education coursework. A total of sixty-eight (68) semester credits are required for graduation.

How long does it take to get an ASN?

The Program is designed to be completed within five (5) academic semesters. However, it may take longer to complete if learners take GE courses at institutions of higher learning that require prerequisites to the Program’s mandatory GE coursework.

Note: Learners enrolled in a Supervised On-ground Field Experience (SOFE) must progress through the Program according to the Program Plan. For each enrolled cohort, a predetermined course schedule outlining the entire Program is established at the time of the initial enrollment. The predetermined original Program Plan may not be modified unless extenuating circumstances arise. The College does not guarantee the availability of courses at a specific SOFE outside the predetermined course schedule and reserves the right to change Program Plans as necessary. If circumstances prevent the learner from completing the Program within the original course schedule (i.e. LOA, failed courses, etc.), the learner may be required to complete the remainder of the Program Plan at another SOFE region.

PLEASE NOTE:  The LPN to ASN program is only offered in the following states:  Iowa, Kansas and Pennsylvania.

How hard is it to get an ASN degree?

According to the grading system and grading scale, a passing grade of at least “C” or higher is required in all courses. Any course with a failing grade must be repeated before progressing in the Academic Program.

Upon satisfactory completion of the prescribed LPN to ASN Program curriculum with a minimum “C” grade in each lower-division nursing core course and all other graduation requirements, the learner will earn an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) Degree.

Questions regarding Admissions into the Program or Financial Aid, speak directly with an Admissions or Financial Aid Advisor at (801) 689-2160. For more information, download our complete College Catalog.

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