Learner Services

Learner, Career and Alumni Services (LCAS)

Learner, Career and Alumni Service (LCAS) function offers placement assistance, career-focused professional development, graduation, transcript clearance process and other services, including

  • placement assistance; individualized job search, employment opportunities;
  • networking events for alumni, learners, community partners, etc.;
  • collaboration with NCLEX coaching and preparation;
  • commencement ceremony;
  • professional development including interviewing skills, résumé building and networking strategies; and
  • community fellowship award and other learner & Alumni special awards and events.

Learner Advising and Life Resources (LALR)

Learner Advising and Life Resources (LALR) function assists learners in their academic career and supports them through any barriers that may arise during the educational journey. LALR provides the following types of advising:

  • Academic Success Plans;
  • Navigating the College and its functions;
  • Study skills and academic resources;
  • Referral to tutoring and APA resources;
  • Time management and study schedules;
  • Status and enrollment changes;
  • Program plans and schedules;
  • Navigating life barriers.

LALR also offers referrals to outside resources, including, but not limited to:

  • Learner success: time management, study skills, course load, text anxiety, ADHD;
  • Housing: renting agencies, housing resources;
  • Commuter services: local transportation;
  • Childcare services: childcare centers, daycare;
  • Money management: personal finances, budgeting;
  • Veterans support services: military/veterans’ resources;
  • Learner accessibility services: disability, equal opportunity;
  • Counseling and human development resources: mental health services, women’s shelters, rehab centers;
  • LGBTQ resources;
  • Higher Ed Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Learner’s Safety and Security

Resources: Click Here

Learner Success



For help: Contact Learner Services

Commuter Services

For help: Contact Learner Services

Child Care Services

For help: Contact Learner Services

Voting Information

Veterans Support Services

Nightingale College has a dedicated Military Advisor. Call (801) 689-2160 and as for the Military Advisor.

Learner Accessibility Services

Contact 504 Coordinator for help with:

  • Disability Service
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Affirmative Action

Counseling and Human Development Resources

Drug Abuse Sign and Symptoms, and Prevention

For help: Contact Learner Services

Career Resources

Contact Career and Alumni Services for help with

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