Last updated 5/30/2018 

Overall NCLEX-RN® Pass Rate:

  • Overall NCLEX-RN® Pass Rate: 82%
  • % of graduates who have taken NCLEX-RN®: 91.48%

2016 – 2017 ABHES Statistics Report

ADN Program

  • Retention Rate: 87%
  • Placement Rate: 75% (As of 5/30/18)
  • NCLEX-RN® Overall Pass Rate: 80.62% (As of 5/30/18)

RN-to-BSN Program

  • Retention Rate: 63%
  • Placement Rate: N/A (No RN-to-BSN graduates in the 2016-2017 ABHES year)*

*2015-2016 RN-to-BSN Placement Rate: 100% 

2017 ACEN Statistics Report

  • 2017 NCLEX-RN® First-Time Pass Rate: 51.9%
  • 2016-2017 Program Completion Rate (All levels): 80.1%

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Placement Rate is all learners that graduated and work in the field as a registered nurse.
To view how Placement Rate is calculated, click here.

Normal Time to Program Completion:

ADN New Learners: 20 months

ADN Advanced Placement Learners (completed GE prerequisites): 16 months

ADN Advanced Placement Learners (LPN license & completed GE prerequisites): 8 months

RN-to-BSN Learners (RN license only): 20 months

RN-to-BSN Learners (RN license & completed GE requirements): 8 months

On-time Completion Rate: 100%

2016 – 2017 Financial Aid:

Median Loan Title IV and Private Loan Debt at Program Completion:

  • Title IV – $10,388.00
  • Private –  $8,730.00

Target Occupation: Registered Nurse, Click here for occupational profile

Educational Costs:


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Overall Pass Rate is the percentage of graduates who took the licensure exam and passed after any attempt.

Cohort overall NCLEX pass rates are first reported six months after each cohort’s program completion date and are adjusted monthly thereafter.

Retention Rate is the percentage of learners that were enrolled during the stated academic year and were still enrolled or graduated within the same academic year.

Placement Rate is all learners that graduated and work in the field as a registered nurse.

Normal Time is the amount of time necessary for a learner to complete all requirements for a degree or certificate according to the College catalog.

On-time is the percentage of learners who completed the program during the most recent completed award year within the amount of time necessary to complete all requirements for the program according to the College catalog (also known as “Normal Time”). Completion Rate = (# of learners who completed the program within the normal time*100)/Total # of learners who completed the program during the most recently completed award year

For additional statistics, please visit U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Gainful Employment

*Important Information:

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