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Tuition & Aid

Tuition & Aid

Nightingale College’s Financial Aid Department recognizes that each learner has a unique financial situation. Various financial aid plans are available for qualified learners. To contact the Financial Aid Department, call (801) 689-2160 or email

Receive an estimate of how much learners similar to you paid to attend Nightingale College.

Financial Aid FAQ's

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Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) for a learner is an estimate of the learner’s educational expenses for the period of enrollment. The period of enrollment can be an academic year and/or a semester depending on a learner’s program schedule. All funding types, whether federal or otherwise (scholarships, private loans etc.) cannot exceed the COA in any given academic year. 

The COA includes the following components: tuition, fees, books, supplies, transportation/travel, housing and food, loan fees, and some personal/miscellaneous expenses. The components of the cost of attendance are in accordance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, section 472. Nightingale College uses institutional historical data to determine average direct costs and the national average for living expenses through to calculate the COA.  

2024 Cost of Attendance - Undergraduate Programs

2024 Cost of Attendance - Graduate Programs

*Note – Books and supplies are included in the tuition and fees component of the COA and loan fees are included with the personal/miscellaneous expenses. 

Cost of Attendance Per Credit 

Tuition for the LPN-to-ASN program is $825 per semester credit.*

Tuition for the PN Diploma program is $475 per semester credit.*

Tuition for the BSN Program is $630 per semester credit.*

Tuition for the RN-to-BSN Track is $630 per semester credit.*

Tuition for the MSNEd Program is $450 per semester credit.*

Tuition for the MSN FNP Program is $540 per semester credit.*

Tuition for the MSN PMHNP Program is $540 per semester credit.*

*Tuition does not include the non-refundable application fee or any course resources fees. The College reserves the right to change its tuition and fees at any time, with a 30-day notice.

Nightingale College Financial Plan

Download Nightingale College’s 2023-2024 College Financial Plan (previously titled the Shopping Sheet) by clicking the following links:

PN Diploma Program Financial Plan

LPN-to-ASN Program Financial Plan

RN-to-BSN Program Financial Plan

BSN Program Financial Plan

MSN Ed Program Financial Plan

MSN FNP Program Financial Plan

MSN PMHNP Program Financial Plan

*This document is for estimate purposes only and is not a guarantee of receiving any type of aid listed and is provided for personal use only. For an estimated personalized College Financial Plan, please reach out to the Learner Funding Advising office at

Student Lending Code of Conduct Disclosure

Nightingale College’s code of conduct prohibits a conflict of interest with the responsibilities of an officer, employee, or agent of the Institution with respect to Federal Direct Loans or private education loans.

View Full Lending Disclosure


To Begin the Financial Aid Process:

FAFSA form guide

  1. Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by clicking here. You will need to make a FSA ID before filling out the FAFSA by going here.
  2. View the available scholarships offered by Nightingale College and access additional resources by clicking here.
  3. Go to the FASTChoice website to compare private student loans.
  4. View the VA’s benefits available to qualified military servicemembers and veterans by clicking here.

How to Manage Your Student Loans


Use the Repayment Estimator when you are beginning repayment of your federal student loans for the first time or exploring repayment options based on your income. Click here to get started.

For tips on how to graduate without debt, click here.

Grad Ready


Find the right tools to help you manage your tuition, budget, and bills by checking out Nightingale College’s exclusive site through GradReady. Access videos, tips, and additional resources to help you pay for college, learn money management, and student loan repayment. Click the Start Now! button after going to the site to get started.

For additional questions call the financial aid department: (801) 689-2160.

Military and Veteran Resources

Contacts for VA Certifying Officials and the Learner Support Services Counselor who specialize in assisting service members:

*Note:  The Department of Defense and the Department of the Army are neither affiliated with nor endorse Nightingale College.  

It is highly recommended to apply for financial aid at the same time as application to the College. The sooner the application for financial aid is received, the more time the College and Learner will have to process the application and request additional information if needed. Most learners who do not have their financial aid completed before the Add/Drop date will not be able to continue on in the program. See the college catalog for the financial aid application process and for the different types of financial aid available. It is also important to consider federal student loans before you take out a private student loan because there are differences in interest rates, repayment options, and other features.

Consumer Disclosure Information

View Annual Nursing Program Disclosure

View Consumer Disclosure Information

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