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3 Nursing Program Tips for Full-Time Workers

Many people who are interested in full-time university nursing programs would love to devote 100% of their energy to nursing school, but just can’t afford to stop working. Have you ever contemplated “How can I be a nurse when I can’t afford to quit my job?” How to get through nursing school and still work […]


What is the average waitlist time for a nursing program?

Education takes time, especially in the medical and nursing fields. Sometimes it takes longer than expected. Currently, due to nursing faculty shortages, nursing shortages, and brick-and-mortar limits, many nursing schools experience far greater demand than supply, resulting in waitlists. But what’s the average nursing program waitlist time? In this blog, we’ll discuss average waitlists times […]

Nursing Mad Libs

Nursing school is stressful. There is no shortage of homework for any ADN or BDN program. Take a break for some comic relief and get someone to provide you a few of the words below for some nursing-themed hilarity. Film the result and upload your video to social media and tag our page, and use […]

Summer 2018 Graduation Recap

At each graduation, Nightingale College’s collaborators are almost as excited as the graduates. We love seeing our learners succeeding and achieving what they worked so hard for. The 52 candidates in the Summer 2018 graduating cohort were celebrated starting by the processional, followed by a welcoming speech and the presentation of honors.   The valedictorian […]

Getting the Most out of Learner Services

Have you ever struggled with a particular class, concept, instructor, or learner? Learner Services can help. If you just need someone to vent to, someone to help you, someone to advocate for you, LALR (Learner Advising and Life Resources) counselors are the best way to access resources. Help with Local Resources LALR counselors can help […]

Am I too old to go back for a BSN?

Should a highly-experienced nurse return to school for a BSN? You’ve been out of school for 20 years. You’re older than most other RNs, more experienced, and you love your job. Should you go back for a BSN? Is it even worth it at this point? What more is there to learn? Many experienced RNs […]

Get to Know You: Carson Young

Carson Young is the manager of our Academic Technology department. You might have talked to Carson on the phone if you had a problem logging into Canvas, but did you know that he played the accordion? Well now you do! Get to know Carson and many other fun facts out him in our most recent installment […]

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Fall 2017 Graduation Recap

There are few things more inspiring than watching learners become registered nurses. There’s a distinct hush in the audience as they move their tassels. There is the normal feelings that accompany graduation – the feelings of pride, accomplishment, and self-mastery, but there is something more. It’s a knowledge that these 68 learners are joining such […]

How to Advance Your Nursing Career Path & Create Long-Lasting Job Satisfaction

Are you a registered nurse who wants to get better and advance your career? As nursing is a competitive field, basic certifications alone don’t really elevate your professional profile anymore. If you’ve already mastered your domain, moving forward in your nursing journey is the natural next step and a way to improve your daily processes. To move […]