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Mission at Work

Ashley Summerville

As a wife, LPN, and mother of four, becoming a registered nurse didn’t seem possible for Ashley, until she found Nightingale College. Now, she is chasing her dream of helping others while continuing to be present with her family.

Mary Evans

Inspired by the nurses who cared for her late father, Mary wants to make the world a better place through nursing. With hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, she is ready to break down personal barriers and make her dad proud.

Nathan Dahl

Nathan is giving back to his community by taking care of the aging population as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in Wasilla, Alaska. By partnering with Nightingale College, he hopes to encourage learners to consider the value of working in long-term care along with the desperate need to improve health care through collaboration.

Wendy Stonehouse

With her 20 years of nursing experience, Nightingale College allows Wendy to make an even bigger impact with patients through the power of teaching. She contributes to Better Health & Better Humanity for a Better World by empowering her learners with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to become successful nurses.


From overcoming personal tragedies to serving as a caretaker, the road to graduation wasn’t an easy one for graduate Lanigeria Batts-Sumling. But with hard work, determination, and support from the College, she proved that nothing could stand in her way of becoming a nurse.


Collaborator Dexter Abraham migrated to the United States for a better life. Through kindness, compassion, and humility, he continues to share his passion for helping others with the future generation of nurses, hoping to one day leave a legacy.

Amanda’s Story

When life throws its curve balls, learner Amanda Noddings does not make excuses. She is willing to do whatever it takes to follow her dreams and make a better life for her family.

Amanda’s Path to Nightingale

While many people could use their setbacks as a sign to quit, learner Amanda Noddings chooses to use her obstacles as a chance to prove to herself that she can. Now, she is set out to finish what she started.

Amanda’s Work/Life Balance

Finding a balance between work, school and family life can be challenging. For busy mom and learner Amanda Noddings, it’s all about staying organized, setting priorities, and remaining disciplined.

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