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Nightingale College hosted health care networking events in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming

Learner Support Services is a team devoted to advancing your academic growth and improving your learner experience. They oversee learner success, veterans support and career resources, just to name a few. Learner Support Services recently organized networking events at DDC locations across Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is what you missed:

Refreshments at the Boise Networking Event Feb. 21, 2019.

  • Morning networking events were held in Boise, Twin Falls, Roy, Draper, St. George, Evanston and Cheyenne.
  • Partners and other local health care facilities were invited to meet learners and tour the hub.
  • Health care professionals and hiring managers learned more about the unique Nightingale education model.
  • Graduates were given the opportunity to connect with potential employers in their areas.

These networking events were designed to connect learners with health care professionals and strengthen relationships between Nightingale collaborators, learners and partners. In Cheyenne, Wyoming, partners from local health care facilities met with learners to discuss career opportunities and special programs for new nursing grads. In St. George, Utah, many faculty members gathered to answer questions from learners, alumni and employers. And in Twin Falls, Idaho, partners met with collaborators to better understand the College and potential for a health care consortium.

“Our learners have immediate access to quality nursing education because of the commitment of Nightingale partners,” said Blake Halladay, Senior Manager of Partnerships.  “Our relationship strengthens with each Nightingale graduate who becomes a nurse at a partner facility.”

Although each networking event was different, a common thread was cultivating relationships. Success of these events depends on participation, what you put in, you get out. Face-to-face networking has the potential to open doors and build lasting relationships, something that is hard to replicate digitally.

5 Tips for Networking

  1. Step out of you comfort zone. You may want to remain within the group of familiar faces, but networking is the time to venture out of your cohort and make new contacts.
  2. Be curious. Really get to know the people you meet. Go beyond just talking about work and get to know them as a person. This makes the connection more authentic and enjoyable.
  3. Practice active listening. Show a genuine interest by maintaining eye contact and ask questions for better understanding.
  4. Ask for advice. Look to those who have some experience for recommendations on how to succeed. Networking events can provide a starting point for a mentor relationship.
  5. Stay in touch. Be sure to get their business card or contact information. Follow up with a brief email to let them know you enjoyed the conversation or invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn.

    Gifts for learners from our partners at the Cheyenne Networking Event Feb. 21, 2019.

Nightingale College wants to extend our thanks to everyone who attended one of our networking events! We are also grateful for our dedicated faculty and collaborators who helped facilitate these opportunities for our learners and partners. The next event will be a job fair in the fall. We hope to see you there!

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