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Increase Your Impact. Secure Your Future.

Join the esteemed profession of nursing, serve your community, and secure your future. Stay local for your nursing education with Nightingale’s online classrooms and local, on-ground experiential learning experiences.

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  • Accredited ASN & BSN Degree Programs

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Did you know that nurses have ranked as the top most trusted profession for years? Are you looking to have an impact in your community and have a meaningful, rewarding career? Becoming a confident, competent, and compassionate nurse just may be in your future.

Nationwide, nurses are in high demand. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, there is a projected need for 1.09 million nurses to not only replace retiring nurses but to meet the expected growth in the profession. There is no better time to become a nurse!

The nursing degree programs at Nightingale College are designed to help you stay local to complete your nursing education. The accredited bachelor’s degree and associate degree combine engaging online classrooms led by BSN- and MSN-prepared nurse faculty, and local, on-ground experiential learning activities to provide hands-on experiences.

Next Start Date: September 5, 2023


*Earning a nursing degree from Nightingale College does not guarantee employment as a Registered Nurse. Passing the NCLEX-RN® exam and meeting other licensure requirements is necessary for obtaining an RN license. 

Become a BSN-Prepared Nurse in as few as 32 Months Enroll Now in One of Nightingale College’s Accredited Nursing Degree Programs Get Your ASN Degree in as few as 16 Months Financial Aid Available to Qualified Applicants

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The ADN vs. BDN Program at Nightingale College

Deciding to go to nursing school is tough, but enrolling in the right program is crucial to your success as a nurse.

BDN Program

  • Blended Distance Courses

    Engage in distance and blended courses with online classes and local, on-ground labs, simulations, and clinicals.

  • 32-Month Program Completion

    Based on average completion time. Completion time will vary on an individual basis.

  • Accredited Program

    Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

  • 120 Semester Credits Required for Graduation

    Take all pre-requisites alongside your nursing classes to no waste time.

BDN Program

  • 120 Semester Credits Required for Graduation

    Take all pre-requisites alongside your nursing classes to no waste time.

  • Advanced Placement for Qualified LPNs

  • BMTC-to-BSN Program Track

  • Extensive BSN-level Courses

    Advance from an ADN-competency level and learn the skills, knowledge and critical thinking level of BSN nurses. 

  • Capstone Leadership Project

    Become a leader by standing out from your colleagues and bring value to your employer with a project meant to apply leadership skills and propose further avenues for evidence-based practices in nursing. 

Next Start Date: September 5, 2023

Start Your Journey to BECOME A NURSE with Nightingale College

“Nightingale has provided me with the exceptional education. I needed to pursue my career dreams. The staff and instructors have been supportive, encouraging, and always willing to help, in a way that I’ve never experienced in a college before. Making the decision to attend Nightingale has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made!”

Dionne DeMilleNightingale College ADN Program and RN-to-BSN Program Graduate

“I was able to start classes a week after I took the entrance exam and graduate 16 months later. It was a lot of work but the small classes encourage getting to know and receive support from fellow learners and instructors. I love that clinical experience starts the first semester and that they work hard to give you experience from a variety of nursing professionals including long term care, mental health, and hospital experience from maternity and pediatric to med-surg to emergency nursing. Highly recommend to anyone who’s in a hurry to change their life and not afraid to work towards that goal.”

Maranda HammackNightingale College ADN Program Graduate

“I just started at Nightingale College and am in my fifth week. It has been quite a whirlwind, but it has been satisfying to finally begin my journey towards career advancement. I have been looking for a nursing program for a couple of years now that would allow me to get back into academics without repeating a lot of coursework and this was one of the many reasons why I chose Nightingale. I also have a family and work; therefore, I needed a program that would allow some degree of flexibility and their online didactic learning setting affords me this opportunity. I am excited to start clinicals next week and am glad I found a program that allows me to get hands-on clinical experience locally.”

Mary-Virginia ParkerNightingale College ADN Program Graduate

“Nightingale College has been an excellent place to complete my nursing degree. The staff is positive and goal oriented, and have no problem going out of their way to give you the help you need. I live out of state so being able to do the didactic work online makes completing the course work that much easier. The nursing lab is well run and the clinical sites are picked to enhance our experiences as student nurses… would recommend to anyone!”

Justin WilliamsNightingale College ADN Program Graduate

“I enjoyed the time I spent in the Nightingale College of Nursing program. I was able to achieve my goal of graduating with my ADN in 20 months (because I was missing 1 prerequisite course). There are 5 prerequisite requirements as opposed to the several offered at my local university. If you are a self-motivated professional, you’ll do well at Nightingale. You will need to be able to keep deadlines and study appropriately as well as be technologically efficient. Because the branch I learned at was new, we still had kinks to work out throughout my program. However, I am here today as a PROUD Registered Nurse. Any kink I dealt with was well worth this goal.”

Maranda NelsonNightingale College ADN Program Graduate

“I cannot say enough good things about this program. From day 1, they have bent over backwards to make sure I have everything I need to succeed. Yes, it costs a lot of money. Yes, you have to be proactive in your learning to succeed. They are not your parents and they won’t be calling to remind you that you have to study or have assignments due. But if you need help, they are a email or call away. They have addressed every concern, big or small, within hours! The Professors are AMAZING! They really want you to succeed in their class and will spend any needed extra time with you if need be. All you have to do is ask.”

Lindsey CowlesNightingale College ADN Program Graduate

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