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Center for Continuing and Professional Education

Nightingale CCPE Hero

Designed for lifelong learners, Nightingale’s Center for Continuing and Professional Education provides continuously expanding resources to meet current and future educational and professional development needs. The certifications available will include rural health, community, mental health, wellness, self-care, faculty training, and more.

Geared toward maintaining and building critical expertise, Nightingale is committed to providing resources and opportunities for those who aspire to advance their lives and careers. To continuously thrive in competitive workplaces, healthcare professionals must continue to grow and learn by developing new skills. Nightingale’s Center for Continuing and Professional Education provides numerous services that focus on the continuum of healthcare development and education, professional development, personal advancement, and alternate educational competencies. These new proficiencies allow people to acquire the building blocks needed to advance their skills and gain the stackable credentials that prepare them for multiple areas of the workplace. Nightingale is focused on sustaining innovative avenues when it comes to personal and professional growth and the elevation of healthcare knowledge in higher education.

Choose your own adventure and expose yourself to the possibilities of lifelong learning opportunities.


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