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The TLC Program

Have you heard of the Total Life Care Program, or maybe just its abbreviation TLC? Also known as the Higher Ed Assistance (EAP) program, it is a service that is free and available to all Nightingale College students.

Life throws your obstacles, and often times there is little that can be controlled. For those students who are not properly prepared, nursing school could easily add to the stress of trying to manage everyday life. How do you properly prepare to manage and stay balanced during nursing school?

Nightingale College’s TLC program (yes, the EAP) provides students the assistance and help that may be needed to keep your life properly balanced. In addition, the TLC program is available to your family. Having personal difficulties? Give the TLC counselors a call. Personal difficulties such as those with family, marriage, stress, legal, substance abuse, financial, the list can go on and on, and the TLC program is there to help.

Nightingale College provides available resources, but when you feel you need additional support, the College recommends and encourages its learners to take advantage of this free program.

There are two ways to use this free counseling service to help you through life’s many obstacles.

Access the TLC Program by Phone

Simply call the toll-free number 1-800-225-2527 or 1-800-252-4555. A counselor will be available to talk with you and help address the obstacles you are facing.

Access the TLC Program Online

You can log on to You will find resources that may help you through many different situations. Resources such as financial and legal information, lifestyle and wellness benefits, and personal development training.

If you have any questions about this program, stop by and talk to the College’s Student Advising and Life Resources office.

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