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Nightingale College’s ADN Program Announces Accreditation Results

Nightingale College’s ADN Program Announces Accreditation Results

Nightingale College’s ADN Program Receives Continued Accreditation for Good Cause

Nightingale College is excited to announce that the Accreditation Commission in Nursing Education (ACEN) has continued programmatic accreditation for the ADN Program for Good Cause.

Nightingale College hosted a site visit from the ACEN in March of 2019, and this week, specifically April 24, 2019, the College received a letter from the ACEN stating that the ADN Program will continue to be accredited for good cause.

What does “Continuing Accreditation for Good Cause” mean?

Good Cause is when a program has not met one of the benchmarks for accreditation, but the accreditors have good cause to believe that the program is improving and executing on its goals in meeting the standards. For Nightingale, the standard unmet was for first-time pass rates on the NCLEX-RN.

Nightingale College’s Philosophy

While the ACEN measures NCLEX first-time pass rates, Nightingale College prioritizes overall NCLEX pass rates, as we believe measuring first-time pass rates places undue pressure on the learners, and motivates schools to wash out underperforming learners. Many nursing programs wash out students who do not meet the benchmark on NCLEX-success predictor exams prior to graduation in order to boost levels of first-time pass rates. We believe this practice, as well as the practice of elitist admissions processes, to be unethical. Nightingale College will not sacrifice potential nurses to artificially boost first-time pass rates.

At Nightingale, we are proud of our overall licensure rates, graduation and retention rates, and employer satisfaction rates. Eighty-four percent of our ADN graduates who have attempted the NCLEX have passed the examination and are now licensed registered nurses. You can see these statistics on our College statistics page.

Moving Forward

Nightingale is excited to be continuing to offer the Associate Degree in Nursing Program to communities in need throughout Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. We are proud to have graduated over 600 nurses who are serving their communities, and excited to be continuing to offer accredited nursing degree programs in many states across the nation.  

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