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I attend Nightingale College because…

We asked the students why they are attending Nightingale College, and here are their answers:

I attend Nightingale College because…

Kim Barker: “… I felt that the admissions department was prompt in responding to my questions and concerns. I Feel that staff and instructors really cared about me and helping me succeed.”

Blake Miles: “… it was the fastest way to get started.”

Blake Halladay: “… I love the faster, more hands on experience. Nightingale has everything I wanted in a school.”

Malia Seamons: “… of the ease of the schedule. I have a young family so I need all the time I can get.”

Bhumika Chaudhari: “… I want to be a successful nurse.”

Savannah Salvesen: “… I like the smaller class size and the welcoming faculty.”

Cindy Anfinson: “… it was fast and easy to get into the nursing program without a waiting list.”

Michelle Pattison: “… it works with my busy life. I’m able to balance my family, my job, and my schooling.”

Krista Price: “… I want to have a better life for my family.”

Adam Nance: “… they accepted me.”

NiCole Kreitlow: “… I am ready to be a nurse – not be a college student.”

Diana Jones: “… I wanted to have a learning opportunity that was both hands on and would benefit me later, not just this textbook nonsense!”

Lindsey Thomson: “… I want to be a nurse! And they gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream.”

Emily Sheanshang: “… of the small class size and short wait time.”

Brittany Paige: “… I want to be a successful nurse!”

Shannon Reed: “… it’s close to home and the staff is wonderful.”

Megan Smith: “… I really want to be a nurse and didn’t want to wait.”

Clayton Green: “… no waiting list.”

Sandhya Prasad: “… there is no waiting list and tuition is cheaper compared to other states like California.”

Shay Williams: “… small class sizes.”

Jeff Rogers: “… It’s very personal and individualized to the students.”

Ian Hansen: “… of convenience, the accelerated program and personalized education.”

Shelby Milligan: “… I was accepted, close to home, very flexible with schedule.”

Amanda Wilson: “… I want to be a nurse.”

Why do you attend your college?

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