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Have a Grievance?

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” – Murphy’s Law

Everyone has had their fair share of experiencing first-hand Murphy’s Law, including Nightingale College. The staff and faculty work diligently to bring learners the best service and support, but when things go wrong, and things will, be assured that Nightingale is searching for the best possible solution. Nightingale is constantly growing and adapting new policies and structures to improve not only the College but its learners and graduates.

So, if you are experiencing any aftershocks, the College provides several avenues that can be used to address your concerns. Frustrated by a policy of the College? Stressed because the schedule hasn’t been finalized? Or that a roadblock keeps rolling in between you and your instructor? Rest assured that you are not alone. While some concerns may not be in the control of the College, we are here to listen in order to improve the learning environment and make your nursing journey as stress-free as possible.

To help the College has established steps that can be taken once initiated by the learner. (Full directions can be found in the Learner Grievances section of the College Catalog.)

1. Take your concern to the direct faculty or staff member. Majority of all concerns can be satisfied by taking this first step, but if you feel your concern has not been adequately addressed, we have further steps you can take.
2. Take your concern to the Program Manager. The Program Manger will thoroughly asses the state of your concern to alleviate any tension it may be causing you.
3. If it has not be addressed by either the faculty or staff member, or the Program Manager, take your concern and present it as a written document to the Campus Director or Dedicated Distance Cohort (DDC) Coordinator who will investigate your concern to the full extent.
4. Finally, if steps one through three haven’t been able to resolve your concern, learners may take a written description of the concern to the College’s accrediting and approval agencies, which can be found in the Approvals, Affiliations, and Accreditation section of the College catalog.

Although keep in mind that Nightingale does have an entire department dedicated to helping learners throughout their time here—the Learner Advising and Life Resources Department. With the genuine desire for you to succeed, the advisors are here to provide you with useful resources and act as a bridge between you and the administrative department.

We encourage and welcome learners’ insights and suggestions. So, next time you find yourself frustrated by a College-related issue, don’t shy away but speak up, and help us improve the College’s functions for the benefit of the learners and the culture of Nightingale College.

Need to talk with Learner Advising and Life Resources? Call the College at (801) 689.2160, or stop by. Our doors are always open.

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