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Give Back Day April 2015

Give Back Day is a favorite among many Nightingale employees. Why? It’s a day strictly dedicated to serving the community and putting into practice the college’s Beyond Self value. Since its establishment, the college has sought out opportunities to improve the community. Whether helping the Boys and Girls Club of Ogden move or preparing one hundred sack lunches for the St. Anne’s Center, the college gathers together biannually to lend a helping hand to facilities and organizations in need. Nightingale College enjoys fulfilling their mission not only by providing quality nursing education, but by reaching out and acting on the desire to make a difference outside of the higher education and healthcare fields.

“At Nightingale, we focus on the health and well-being of others. If you can help people with their basic needs, they can then go out and focus on other things such as learning, finding employment and so on,” said Mikhail Shneyder, president and CEO of the college. “In addition, strengthening the health of the community also allows people to progress. We try to find projects that will allow for that. From the very founding of the company, we’ve had this notion of trying to make as big of an impact on the people of our community as possible.” (Quote from the Standard Examiner article.)

“We believe going out and serving others and having that desire to help others improves the overall morale of our employees, and that’s something we monitor closely here,” said Jonathan Tanner, director of admissions and marketing. “We hope our employees will always have that desire to get out and help those around them, not just twice a year, but always.” (Quote from the Standard Examiner article.)

The Ogden Weber Community Action Partnership (OWCAP) became the college’s Give Back Day focus to kick off 2015. Bright and early Thursday morning, Nightingale College employees threw on their matching Give Back Day tees and met at the OWCAP eager to get started on enhancing the appearance of the facility and assist in several of their preschool classrooms. With 40+ employees in attendance, the college was able to supply numerous volunteers to help in the different areas of the facility. Some tore carpet off of the walls of the main lobby, scrapped glue from the wall’s surface, then applied primer and paint. Some spent the day outside sprucing up the exterior’s landscape by planting flowers and tidying up the grounds. Some headed out back to clean and disinfect the playground. And, some devoted the day to spending time with the children enrolled in the preschool.

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“Give Back Day is about people coming together and doing something good,” said Shneyder. “It’s the power of the community when we help others without expecting anything in return and the world becomes a little bit better through this labor of love.”

Nightingale College was honored to have the Standard Examiner cover their Give Back Day event, to read the Standard Examiner’s story click here.

Check out more of our Give Back Day photos on our Facebook page.

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