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Photo of nurse snuggling boy goes viral

Photo of nurse snuggling boy goes viral

What does Compassion really look like in nursing? At Nightingale College, our guiding principles are Competence, Confidence, and Compassion. We wanted to spotlight a nurse on the other side of the country who exemplified compassion in a touching way.

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A photo of this nurse’s compassion is going viral shortly after National Nurses Week. In the photo, Registered Nurse Annie Hager cuddles a young boy shortly after he wakes up from surgery.

According to Fox 5, the 5-year-old woke up after having a tonsillectomy, and while his mom waited outside for the nurses to take his vitals, he asked Hager, who was nearby, to snuggle him. Someone snapped a photo of the two and the precious moment is now being shared across the globe.

The young boy is fine now, and even brought flowers to Hager on his follow-up appointment as a special thank you.

We want to celebrate this nurse for her compassion and understanding, going the extra mile to provide what her patient needed. As more providers reach out to truly touch and heal those in need, the future of health care gets brighter and brighter.

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