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Navigating Nursing School with ADHD

Navigating Nursing School as an ADHD Learner

Have you considered nursing school, but are doubting yourself because you don’t know what nursing school with ADHD will be like? Or are you currently in a nursing program and struggling to keep up due to your inability to focus and study? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Understanding ADHD

Are you still wondering if you have the disorder? ADHD is an abbreviation for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. It includes inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, which many ADHD learners find it challenging to focus, retain information, and ultimately, learn. While only about 4% of learners are affected, many other learners have one or more characteristics of ADHD.

Here is a breakdown of some of the characteristics of ADHD.

ADHD signs

Don’t assume at first glance that you have ADHD; however, the degree in which an individual is affected by it varies on a personal scale.

If you associate with any of the signs of ADHD and are looking for further information, contact the College’s Learner Advising and Life Resources Department for personalized suggestions and additional information.

Retaining information in nursing school with ADHD 

Finding it hard to concentrate on learning objectives and retaining information may be a symptom of ADHD. You struggle to keep up with concepts and staying on top of assignments. It makes learning more of a challenge, but your passion to complete nursing school is the only determination you need to keep going. While some may tell you that a learner with ADHD cannot succeed, we see you as a learner who is excited to learn and become a nurse, but needs a few suggestions to hone those learning skills.

That is why we compiled a few quick tips and tricks to help those navigating nursing school with ADHD.

ADHD Information Sheet Download

Download our information sheet on Studying with ADHD by clicking here. With more insights into various aspects of learning and ADHD, our information sheet will get you started in the right direction.

Study Tips and Tricks for ADHD Learners

Before you start: The first step is to recognize that your current learning pattern(s) and habits may be more of a hindrance during your learning times. Simply stated, the way you are studying—whether the environment or study materials—are not helping you, leading you to feel a bit overwhelmed, maybe even stressed.

Understanding the learning style that best helps you will improve your chances of succeeding. Uncover your learning style by reviewing our blog on learning style.

Here are some study tips and tricks that can help you if you have ADHD or any characteristic of ADHD.

If you need help with:

  1. Following instructions: try to simplify the instructions to a basic one or two points and go from there. You can either verify this with your instructor or ask if you instructor can help you break it down.
  2. Notetaking: some good tips are to take notes based on your learning style. You may find, for example, that your learning style is hearing, so recording the lectures may be the best strategy for you. Ask your instructor for more information. Check out our blog post about note taking! Click here.
  3. Concentrating: you can find a quiet place to study, create a study plan, avoid all distractions (try putting your phone in a drawer), try meditation and yoga (these are both great for ADHD).
  4. Remembering: try to keep your notes organized and in a specific place, make a list of things you need remember. You can even keep this on your phone or planner so you don’t lose it. If you need help getting organized, please contact LALR.
  5. Learning in general, make sure you take care of yourself and get what you need. Patience can be hard for people with ADHD, so please come to LALR if you need help with anything. It may also help to figure out your learning style so you are able to learn the most effectively.  You can see our blog post about Learning Styles by clicking here.

Reach out!

Meet Samantha Hanlon, MA, PPS (or our Counselor, Learner Advising and Life Resources) Samantha is your go-to contact when looking for information and suggestions on a variety of topics including managing ADHD and how to find a study plan that works.

I am more than happy to assist you in creating a study plan and helping you figure out how you learn best.  If you need accommodation in your classes due to your ADHD, let us know so we can assist with that.  Learning can be challenging when you have ADHD, or even a characteristic or 2 of ADHD.  We are here to help you throughout school so you can succeed and learn how to learn with ADHD!

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