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How to Write a Good Cover Letter

How to Write a Good Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter for a prospective employer will make you stand from the crowd of applicants.  Your cover letter is where you get to list anything you want to be considered that is not appropriate on the resume. For example, if you do not have direct experience in a certain specialty but are looking for opportunities to get experience, you can say, “At this time I am seeking to expand my skill set to include…” Again, it is critical that you use the exact words in your cover letter that they use in the position description.


This is a time to personalize your resume and let them know that you are applying to a specific position with a specific organization. If you can find the hiring manager, use their name. In the opening paragraph, let them know that this is not a blanket application, but one that you have considered. “Attached please find my resume in application for the position of Pediatric Nurse with ABC Hospital.”

In the second paragraph, highlight the points that are especially attractive to you about the position and how you best meet their needs. If you are deficient in some level of expertise, you can also talk about how you are incorporating learning into your personal development.

In the last paragraph, reference how your personal strengths mesh with the mission statement of the organization and again, name the organization so they know you are not just sending out blanket resumes. This is always more eye-catching than when you send the same information to several organizations.

Again, we are happy to review your cover letter for clarity, match, grammar, and presentation. Please send with a copy of your resume and the position description, and allow one week for review and return. You may also use the resources below for advice on how to write the perfect cover letter.

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