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How to Succeed as a First-Generation Learner

How to Succeed as a First-Generation Learner

Is nursing school a challenge if you’re the first in your family to attend college? For sure. Is it still possible to succeed? Definitely!

At Nightingale College, 49% of our learner population are first generation college learners!

Being the first in your family to attend college is a huge achievement on its own, but it can bring unique challenges. When you have a problem, you may not be able to turn to your family for help like other learners. You may also deal with pressure from your parents and your community, who expect you to succeed academically and/or financially where they did not.

It’s not easy, but you can do it! Here are a few tips for first-generation learners:

• Find support and resources. If you don’t know where to turn, talk with your LALR counselor.
• Get to know your faculty members. Building relationships is essential for success.
• Speak up. Participate fully in your classes, and if you have a question, ask. You probably aren’t the only one in your situation.
• Embrace uncertainty. Many aspects of the college experience may be unfamiliar, but you’re not alone. Expect to feel confused or lost at times, and don’t give up!
• Find your friends. Support is essential for studying, information, and inspiration! Stay in touch with people from classes, clinicals, and College social media groups so you can help each other succeed

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